BlueWhite A2 Pump

The A2 peristaltic pump contains many built-in features that sets it apart from the competition. With tried and true features that Blue White Industries has developed over many years of experience, there is no matching our features, durability, and reliability.

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Blue White A2 Output Specifications

Blue White Industries Flex-Pro A2 Peristaltic Metering Pumps

When you have a job to get done, you don’t want slow output to interfere with your process. The A2 is designed to perform under a variety of operating conditions to deliver the performance and output that your application demands.

A2 Specifications:

Norprene® A2 Tube Pumps

Meets FDA criteria for food I Excellent chemical resistance I CIP I SIP

GPH: .01-1.4
LPH: 0.5-5.4
ML/Min: 0.9-90
RPM: 125
PSI (bar) 125 (8.6)
F/(C) 185 (85)
115VAC: A2V24-*ND
230VAC:  A2V25-*ND
220VAC: A2V26-*ND

GPH .11 -11.1
LPH .42 – 42
ML/Min 7 – 700
RPM: 125
PSI/Bar 125/(8.6)
F/(C)185 (85)
115 VAC: A2V24-*NH
230 VAC: A2V25-*NH
220 VAC: A2V26-*NH

Norprene® Chemical A2 Tube Pumps

Meets FDA criteria for food I Superb chemical resistance

GPH: .10-10.8
LPH: .41-40.8
ML/Min: 6.8-680
RPM: 125
PSI (bar): 50 (3.4)
F/(C): 130/(54)
115VAC: A2V24-*TH
230VAC: A2V25-*TH
220VAC: A2V26-*TH

Tygothane® A2 Tube Pumps
Meets FDA criteria for food I Resistant to oils, greases and fuels

GPH: .04-3.5
LPH: .13-13.2
ML/Min: 2.2-220
RPM: 125
PSI (bar): 65(4.5)
F/(C): 130/(54)
115VAC:  A2V24-*GE
230VAC: A2V25-*GE
220VAC: A2V26-*GE

GPH: .07 – 7.29
LPH: .27-27.6
ML/Min: 4.6-460
RPM: 125
PSI (bar): 65(4.5)
F/(C): 130 (54)
115VAC: A2V24-*GG
230VAC: A2V25-*GG
220VAC: A2V26-*GG

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